Transforming Mobility : Business Models & Vehicles for the Future

Prochaine rentrée : septembre 2022

Présentation de la formation

Contexte :

Mobility is Life. Transforming mobility is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Many sectors are concerned. We need to join all efforts. To combat urban congestion and improve air quality, to take care of people's health and the planet's resources, to offer mobility solutions in peri-urban or low-density areas, to find sustainable economic models for traditional players as well as for those in the new economy or the public sector: here are the challenges we all have to face. The stakes are high for traditional players and new actors offering mobility services. These profound changes imply driving change and are an opportunity to manage the transition towards sustainable mobility. Mobility Economy will offer many opportunities. If you want to become an actor of those changes : join our programme ?

Objectifs pédagogiques :

Acquiring a global understanding of sustainable Mobility issues

  • Students will master the complexity of sustainable mobility challenges
  • Students will be able to deal with the new global mobility eco-system

Learning how to design, manage or adapt sustainable Mobility solutions

  • Students will be capable of offering sustainable mobility solutions
  • Students will be able to play a transformative role towards sustainable mobility

Contenu :

Semester 1

  • - Stakes and Challenges of the Automotive Industry and Sustainable Mobility
  • - Which Vehicles for the Digital Era : Mutations, Strategy, Foresights
  • - Mobility As A Service (MAAS) : the impact of digital Transformation on busines Models
  • - Managing Innovation and creating a Business Model to Monetize Value
  • - Understanding the Key Role of Energy Players in Sustainable Mobility
  • - A sustainable Mobility Transversal Project

Semester 2

  • - Intelligent Mobility : Transport, Networks, Infrastructures
  • - The Corporate Social Responsibility of companies and mobility : devise the right strategy
  • - Territories : the specificites of peri-urban mobility and low-density
  • - Transformation facilitation
  • - Sustainable Mobility Project Management

Les formations préparent à :

Mobility Manager :

  • - Mobility Experiences & Innovation Manager
  • - Energy Mobility Business Developper
  • - Sustainable Mobility Programme Coordinator
  • - Transformation Facilitator
  • - Sustainable Mobility Consultant
  • - Product / Service Manager
  • - Project Manager
  • - Fleet Manager
  • - Mobility Consultant

Les secteurs d’activités visés sont :

Industrie et Distribution Automobile - Transports - Economie Numérique - Energie

Le public cible :

Ingénieurs - Profil commerce - Droit - Finance - Informatique - Logistique

Double diplôme - Parcours Classique ou en alternance

Langue :


Positionnement à l’entrée

Prérequis :

Master 1 (Bac +4)

Condition d’admission :

Oui :  X   - Dossier en ligne

Durée et fréquence de la formation

1 an
La formation est récurrente (Début de la formation : chaque année en septembre)

Format de la formation

La formation est en présentiel (Clermont-Ferrand)

Coût de la formation

Payante (les frais de formation sont pris en charge si le parcours est en alternance (coût 11 500€))
Formation éligible au CPF : Non
Formation éligible à d’autres types de financements : Oui / 

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